In addition to parent contributions, schools can also accrue points via our charity partners for operational costs.

Earn points for your school at Caltex and Challenge service stations by swiping your StarCard.


Once completed, please post your application form to:

PO Box 370, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton, 3240​​​


Terms & Conditions: Cannot be a part of another group or organization with Caltex buying privileges. Existing StarCard holders can opt-in to receive rewards in lieu of existing Caltex agreement - a new Smart Trade International Ltd (STIL) StarCard will be issued when the card is due for renewal. Points will start accruing as soon as the registration is complete. Members wishing to earn points from their existing StarCards must notify STIL via email. Reward Points are only issued against fuel purchases. Accounts must be paid by the 20th of the month following invoice. StarCards earn points at Caltex and Challenge service stations only.

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